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Memento Mori #1 Tattoo Design

Memento Mori #1 Tattoo Design

Your new unique tattoo design:

  • available only one time (if it's sold it's gone)
  • includes XL test tattoo sheet (20 x 20cm)
  • elaborate design in a watercolour style
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The skull and clock are reminders of mortality and to use the precious time we have left.

Classic floral elements lighten the design up a bit and help to make it an absolute highlight of a tattoo.

What do I get?

You get the full design without watermarks as high definition digital art file. The design will no longer be available afterwards (and will be no longer shown on the shop).

Additionally, we will send you a selection of test tattoos in different sizes that fit the design. You will get a full 20x20 cm sized XL tattoo sheet where we fit as many test tattoos as possible.

Want a specific size as test tattoo? Let us know in the note during your order or send us a quick message. We will make sure to include it.

What does one of a kind mean?

These designs have exclusively been designed by tattoo artists for 7dayink.

That means you will never find these designs elsewhere and we sell each design only once.


Because this is a digital design file we, unfortunately, cannot offer returns.

Should there be anything wrong with your test tattoos please send us an email at

We will do our best so you get a new tattoo sheet as quickly as possible.


I want to change something on the design?

In this case it is best to talk to your tattoo artist before you get inked. They can work directly on the file you get from us to make sure you get the perfect tattoo.

Can I use the tattoos multiple times?

No, each test tattoo can only be used once. You will get several sizes of test tattoos though so you can test your tattoo multiple times or on multiple places.

Are the test tattoos waterproof?

No, the tattoos are meant to give you an idea of how real ink would look on you. Afterwards you can easily remove it again with water.

How long do the test tattoos last?

The tattoos are meant to give you an idea, how a real one would look on you. They are not meant to be kept for longer periods because we purposefully made them easy to remove. If you keep them from getting wet and prevent rubbing they can last up to 7 days. We recommend to remove them with your next shower, however.

How can unique designs be priced so low?

Our tattoo artists work with state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence to design the tattoos. This gets rid of a lot of manual work so we can offer unique designs at affordable prices.

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