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And test it with worry-free test tattoos!

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The first person to buy each design gets the opportunity to claim it exclusively. We will then not sell the design to anyone else and remove it from the website.

Prevent tattoo regret

The wonderful thing about getting a tattoo is that it's permanent. That's what makes it special. However, you should also really be sure that you like the design you're going to get - even after 10 years have passed!

This is why you can get test tattoos for each of our designs!

Get a test tattoo
  • Ankle, chest or wrist?

    Test the same tattoo for different placements to pick your favourite

  • Black & white or colour?

    Test what looks best and come to your tattoo artist prepared.

  • You don't love your tattoo?

    Simply remove the test tattoo with water. And be happy you didn't get inked for real.

  • Outfit check

    The easy way to check how much of your tattoo will be visible with your favourite outfits.